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Rotman MBA - Fees, Deadlines 2020

Planning to Do your MBA from The University of Toronto ?

The University of Toronto | Rotman School of Management

Toronto, Ontario
Study at University of Toronto

Overview for Indian Students

The University of Toronto | Rotman School of Management offers one of Canada’s best and most diverse MBA programs. Every year the application pool attracts top talent from a diverse range of professionals & academic backgrounds from INDIA, so they don’t have a typical pool of applicants.

MBA Trends

Over the last three years the number of major a student can choose have grown from 9 to 16 and the top 4 majors are Strategy, Finance, Consulting and Management Analytics which is reflected in the choice of majors by students.
Once can find the list of majors in the link: Rotman MBA Majors

Rotman MBA Duration & Cost

Full Time program length      : 20 months
MBA Tuition Cost                    : 1, 20,680 CAD
Living expense, Off Campus : 20,000 CAD/Year

Toronto/Rotman Essay Questions & Deadlines 2020
2020 Toronto / Rotman Full Time MBA Deadlines


RoundApplication DeadlineDecision Notification
Early RoundAug 5, 2019Sep 3, 2019
Round 1Oct 1, 2019Dec 14, 2019
Round 2Jan 7, 2020March 8, 2020
Round 3March 4, 2020May 3, 2020


Application Details
University of Toronto – Rotman School of Management typically require students with good academics which mean a GPA of 3.0 or higher will keep you in the application pool. Official transcripts can be sent once you receive the offer letter which means, at the time of application you only need to upload your scanned transcripts. Also, if you accepting the Offer Letter then your university have to send official transcripts directly in a sealed envelopes.



  1. University of Toronto MBA does not have a minimum GMAT requirement, but don’t be fooled by the average GMAT score of 658 which is published in the class profile section.
  2. However, you have to send the official GMAT and GRE score directly through the agency.
    Rotman MBA GMAT code is BTDKS98
    GRE code is 0853


Letter of Recommendation

Rotman will require two references and both of them have to be professional references, in certain cases where it’s difficult to get the references since you don’t want to share your plans with you reporting managers, kindly contact the admission team. You also have to inform your Referees about Online LOR submission. Also, if you are planning for Fall 2020 intake then this is the time for you to start making relation with your referees.


English Language Proficiency: Rotman requires a high score on TOEFL and IELTS.
TOEFL: Certainly a minimum of overall 100 & a minimum of 22 on speaking & writing section. The Rotman MBA TOEFL test code is 8696.
IELTS: A minimum of overall 7.0 and No Band Less Than 6.5 in each section.

But, on the other hand, as a student from INDIA you are not required to take these tests if you have graduated from an English-Language University. But all the students are required to take IELTS for the Visa purposes, so we would request all the students to take IELTS.

Furthermore, if you are planning to apply without IELTS, then certainly connect with the admissions office to clarify the process.


We have placed several students to ROTMAN MBA Program and if you are keen to get a Profile Evaluation then kindly fill in the Free Consultation Form and one of our mentors will connect with you.

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